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Colorado Black Angus T-Bone Steak

All Natural Grain & Grass Fed Beef in Fort Collins Colorado

We have healthy, top quality grass fed beef that tastes better than most restaurants every time you take a bite. For Convenience, you can order your grass fed beef online

It's delicious, and AFFORDABLE!

Craig Angus Ranch Natural and Grass Fed Beef Pricing

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A invoice will be sent via e-mail for the 20% down

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Grass Fed Beef  Prices

Our grass fed beef cattle are always raised on high quality pasture and home grown hay!!

** September 2019 will be next available!**

Price: 5.25/lb at hanging weight (Includes Processing)

Estimated Pricing:

  • Whole: 550lbs @ $5.25/lb=2887.50 
  • Half: 275lbs @ $5.25/lb= $1443.75
  • Quarter: 138lbs @ $5.25/lb = $721.87 

These weight are based on hanging weight of the beef when it goes to slaughter.

Natural Grain Beef Prices

Our natural beef is grain finished, the beef is top quality with out growth hormones. We sell our natural beef whole, halves or quarters. *Next Available July processing!**

Price: 4.50/lb at hanging weight (Includes Processing)

Estimated Pricing:

  • Whole: 600lbs @ $4.50 =$2700.00
  • Half: 300lbs @ $4.50 =$1350.00
  • Quarter: 150lbs @ $4.50 = $675.00
(weights are based on hanging weight of the beef when it goes to slaughter)
  • *Sizes will be different according to size of steer at time of slaughter
  • *There will also be a freight charge if applicable
  • * There is a 20% deposit down non-refundable when ordering beef
  • * All Processing is done at Steving Meats in Kersey CO, USDA inspected and approved
  • *You have 30days to place a complaint about the purchase
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