Beef Bundles

Don’t want a quarter, half, or whole beef? That’s ok! We have you covered with our Beef Bundles.

Summer Sizzler – $30

1 pkg summer sausage
2 pkg jerky
1 pkg jalapeno cheddar beef sticks
1 pkg pepper jack beef sticks

Burger Box (20 lbs) – $120

Ground Hamburger (1lb packages)

Back Porch Sampler – $103

1 t-bone, porterhouse, or ranch steak
1 sirloin or ribeye steak
1 beef roast
2 ground hamburger packages
1 stew meat

BBQ Box (10 lbs) – $173

2 sirloin steaks
2 ribeye steaks
1-2 t-bone, porterhouse, NY strip or ranch steak

Comfort Cooking (20 lbs) – $203

Chuck roast
Round roast
Sirloin roast
Stew meat
London broil or brisket

Small Variety Box (20 lbs) – $263

10lbs ground beef
1 pkg stew meat
1-2 sirloin or ribeye steaks
1-2 NY strip, t-bone, porterhouse or ranch steaks

Hardy Box (40 lbs) – $517

15-20 lbs ground hamburger
2-3 pkg stew meat
2-3 sirloin or ribeye steaks
1-2 ranch, NY strip, t-bone or porterhouse steaks
1 chuck or round roast
1 brisket, back or short ribs

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