Natural Pork

Natural pork in Fort Collins, northern Colorado and southern Wyoming.

Healthy pork that’s top quality, affordable and tastes like you are at a restaurant every time you take a bite.

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Natural Pork Pricing

Available once per year, around June or July. Please call for availability: (970) 402-1098

Our natural pork is top quality, grain finished, and raised without growth hormones.


**All prices below are estimates.

  • These weights are based on hanging weight of the pork when it goes to slaughter
  • Sizes will be different according to size of pig
  • There will also be a freight charge if applicable
  • There is a 20% deposit down non-refundable when ordering pork
  • All Processing is done at Steving
  • Meats in Kersey CO, USDA inspected and approved
  • You have 30 Days to place a complaint about the purchase

Craig Angus Ranch, LLC

6018 North County Road 19
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
(970) 402-1098

Providing top-quality, natural,
black angus beef to Fort Collins and Wellington, Northern Colorado
and Wyoming.