Quarter Beef Cut Sheet & Order Form

Important Things to Note:

  • Please make sure to submit the form when you are finished.
  • *This symbol will indicate our Butcher’s suggestion throughout your cut sheet. You may always choose different cuts, but if you are unsure what to choose, look for the asterisk.

Our Standard Specifications:

Unless otherwise noted in the special instructions at the end of this form, this is how your cuts will be prepared:

  • Steaks will be cut to 1″
  • Roasts will be cut to 2-4 lbs.
  • Tenderloin Filets will be cut to 2″
  • Round steaks will be cut to 3/4″
  • Ground beef will be in 1lb packages


  • All products will be vacuum packaged.
  • Roasts will be packaged one per package
  • Rib, T-Bone, Porterhouse, New York steaks, and Chuck Eye Steaks will be 1 per package
  • All other steaks will be packaged 2 per package


Chuck Eye(Required)
The Chuck Eye Steak is commonly referred to as the "Poor Man's Ribeye."
Flat Iron steaks are tender and a favorite of steakhouses.
Ranch Steaks eat similar to a sirloin steak with less fat.
If the age of your animal exceeds 30 Months of age based on teeth dentition during slaughter, your rib cuts will automatically be boneless.
Skirt Steak(Required)
Short Ribs(Required)
If the animal we harvested was over 30 months of age, this option must default to boneless New York Steaks and Boneless Tenderloin Filets
Flank Steak(Required)
Our sirloin steaks are cut smaller, similar to a restaurant sirloin (approximately 3" by 4-5").
Coulotte or Tri-Tip(Required)
The Coulotte and the Tri-Tip are smaller roasts, there are only one of each in a half of beef. Therefore we will randomly place one or the other in each quarter. The Coulotte is a famous Brazilian cut, known as Picanha. It is a great smoking roast that is similar to a Tri-Tip roast and is a 4-6 hour cook time (vs. 12 hours with a Brisket). The Tri-Tip is a great smoking roast that has a 4-6 hour cook.
Butt Tenderloin(Required)
If you chose the whole tenderloin in the short-loin section, this question is not applicable
Top Round(Required)
Bottom Round(Required)
Eye of Round(Required)
Steak Thickness Preference(Required)

Due to our packaging line, all ground beef will be packaged in 1 lb. packages.

Stew Meat(Required)
Stew Meat will be packaged in 1 lb. packages.
In animals over 30 months the neck bones will be discarded
Beef Fat(Required)
Please note that if the animal was lean, there is a possibility you will not receive any extra fat.
Special requests will be considered but are not guaranteed.
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